Imperfect Beauty

This one is for the freaks, darklings and misfits amongst us, and anyone who appreciates imperfection over perfect beauty ideals, a little darkness, grunge or grit in our glamour.  It is also an ode to the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi:  the acceptance of transience and imperfection, beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.

This has been inspired by my nasty new angry looking scar after having stitches removed from my shoulder- leaving me with what looks like a bite mark from someone with really bad teeth…I kind of like scars, wierd teeth, peculiar features, granny style, skinny legs, models that look like aliens, anything that looks like it came from Wrongtown, and I’m guessing I am not alone:

Let your freak out

Yolande Visser

Joaquin Phoenix and his hot scars



Gaga is a freak ❤

mmm pale bruised boys

Karl Lagerfeld  gets his freak on for ID Magazine

Winona as one of her many roles of darkling misfit in Beetlejuice

cute fashion freckles

Wabi Sabi beautiful imperfecton in Japanese design

Models with gappy teeth

Juergen Teller’s controversial 90s image of Kristen McMenamy showing her scars and imperfections shocked the fashion media

Hong Kong granny style

Trailer park babe

naaaw, who doesn’t love Edward Scissorhands in all his scarred imperfection huh?

Allison Harvard, my all time favourite ANTM contestant- a little darkling with a lust for blood

Lara Stone gets freaky at ID toono words…

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