Hi Fi Sydney Launch Party

when we get invited to opening nights and launch parties for new venues, especially when we get to go to Sydney for them.  The Hi-Fi launched their third and newest venue in March, making them kings of the East Coast live music scene with a Hi-Fi in each capital.  Opening night the drinks were flowing, the rock stars were rocking and the Sydney VIPs (and half of Melbourne’s music industry it turns out) welcomed the HiFi to their new home in Fox Studios/EQ.

Performances by Owl Eyes (girl crush!), Stonefield, Tim Rogers, Phil Jameson, PEZ, and Naysayer & Gilsuns audio visual feast of mixed media were highlights of the night for me, amongst a host of performers from Oz rock royalty.

the lovely Owl Eyes with Hi-Fi crew

DJ Gaffy Gaffiero

Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers gets shirtless in true Rock spirit

Phil Jameson with his whiskey


The girls from Stonefield rockin with the big boys

Naysayer & Gilsun with gigantic arachnid

Naysayer & Gilsun with virginal bride

Naysayer & Gilsun again…im a bit obsessed with their video art

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2 Responses to Hi Fi Sydney Launch Party

  1. Lakshvenetia says:

    I love to party .Thanks for letting me know about a new location for a party venue.

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