I wanna be a Unicorn

Ok yup its probably not normal but I really kind of do love unicorns a lot…however I’m sure I’m not alone, judging by how many unicorn references are rearing their pretty manes in fashion, music and street trends, everyone from Lady Gaga to Jeremy Scott wants to join the unicorn party.  Designers and stylists are embellishing with crystals and rainbow glitter, soft fairytale inspired layers of tulle and fur in icy pastels and all whites, spraying on shiny skintight leggings, whilst shoe designers like  Camilla Skovgaard and Jeffrey Campbell are creating spikey little hoof-like booties that look like they have been taken straight from a unicorns foot.  This mystical look is brought to life with models like Andrej Pejic, Charlotte Free, Abbey lee and Anja Konstantinova, who are looking suspiciously more and more unicorn-like each time they appear in editorial imagery, all cheekbones and elfin, icy blonde hair and brows and impossibly equine legs

Unicorn Utopia

Fashion tips for future Unicorns

some fashion tips for your unicorn transformation


Anja Konstantinova

Agyness Dean-yes, unicorns smoke sometimes


Charlotte Free for Numero_Guillemain

Anja for Mania Mania campaign

eating the flowers- a sure sign that Abbey Lee is a unicorn


Andrej Pejic- nice hooves

Andrej Pejic

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