Harajuku street fashion

It’s true, Tokyo is my fashion spiritual homeland and there is actually nowhere I would rather spend my days and nights than wandering the lanes and streets of Harajuku, where the hair is candy coloured and coiffed to dishevelled perfection, the platforms, wedges and stacked heels are higher than recommended, the makeup is applied with all the fervour of a born again religious zealot on judgement day, the prints are clashed with reckless abandon, and trends are born, worn and reworked years before we adopt them in the rest of the world.  Or we don’t, since some of the micro trends here never get outside of Shinjuku, Shibuya or Harajuku.  Nicky D and I just spent a cold & windy weekend there people watching, trend spotting, communicating badly in broken Japanese, and snapped some photos of the cute fashionista kids we met

Dip dye hair and lots of red with a nineties flavour
Bones, Back combed hair, Shredded tights, Leopard, Darkness, many many shopping bags
Dreamy Lilac Hair and scalloped coat with Parisian print dress and supa sweet Par Avion purse!

Pretty Fifties Americana inspired and neon colour Chanel girl

Kawaii shopgirls in Takeshita Dori!!

Sweet geek chic in lilac

Rockin the BOY hat and more Americana

Candy Hair and vintage Americana inspiration

the hair. the makeup. the nails...so pretty...

this girl was rocking a badass Mexican day of the dead look, when we asked her for a photo she made sure her Marlboroughs were in the shot


Bad Girls do it well....on Omotesando dori

Mean bordeaux studded platforms

Nicky D does Parisian chic on Omotesando Dori (fashion heaven)

Aqua Jojo cooks!!!

Yes it is totally ok to bring your tiny dog to the restaurant, as long as he has a cute sweater on, yup. Love Japan.

oh no you did not just wear a fur hunter's hat with an oversized painted denim jacket and a Mickey Mouse toy around your neck with a vintage floral sweater and way too much rouge and a wig. Golden.

rest time on Omotesando with Nicky D

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