Di$count Arti$inal Runway Show at Penthouse Mouse

Nicky D and I have maximum respect for the girls from Di$count for their unswerving distinctive label aesthetic and tireless online marketing, and for so persistently studding, sequinning, printing embellishing and generally producing the tightest, shiniest, brightest and most heavily hardwared garments this side of L.A.  Not surprisingly they have amassed some very dedicated followers and fans, who came out heavily adorned for the Di$count Arti$inal collection launch at Penthouse Mouse for LMFF, and left impressed and inspired by the debut show.

The editorially styled show gave a perhaps unintentional, maybe referential wink to Vivienne Westwood in her 70’s punk days with the Sex Pistols with the SEX emblazoned T-shirt worn with fuchsia metallic leather studded jacket, pencil skirt and flatform boots, and also featured fetish inspired fully sequinned neon gimp-bodysuits, Electric multicolour sequin suiting with Minnie Mouse eared headpieces, POP glitter Di$count branded catsuit, Neon psychedelic prints, a Bondage buckled minidress in neon Pink and Yellow, Studs, studs & more studs styled on rainbows, the most commercial look of the show was the Gold safety pin encrusted dress styled with a rocket studded cap (best eyebrows and makeup of the night go to the model showing this look), I want that fiercely beautiful thing on my body right now and am prepared to deal with any ouchy pain it inflicts on me!!

Di$count Arti$inal Runway

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