Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday 13th!
Clockwise from top: Franz Falckenhaus Collage, Indecoroustaste.com, Meat Art on Agyness Deyn by Marcel Van der Vgluts, Martine Schoutennature, Somefield illustration, Edward Scissorhands, Angelina gets nasty, Spooky Nail art, Ashley J

Lush mag Lara Jade photography

Jojo Stylee does spooky:  Fangs necklace from PAM, major glamour studded cuffs by Louis Vuitton, Cross knuckleduster ring from Shopbop.com, and best nineties teen witch movie ever-The Craft

Image from the Stylist Fashion Visionaries book

Marcel Van der vgluts

Martine Schoutennature

Robert Smith-Siouxzie & the Banshees era

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4 Responses to Happy Friday the 13th

  1. I don’t know why but one of the images here reminded me of an illustrator I used to know in Tokyo… haven’t thought of him for years. Memory is funny like that! http://edtsuwaki.com/elongated_necks/

  2. Adele Psych says:

    JO!!! I didn’t know you had a blog! This post is awesome! 🙂 xx

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