Valentine Lover

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers!


Nicky D absolutely L.O.V.E.S  Valentines Day, and she loves flower shops possibly even more, so i wasn’t surprised earlier in Feb when she asked me to help her make a sweet window display for her friends at Dragonfly flowers on Chapel street, Windsor.  


So we got together some L.O.V.E inspired polaroids and we got crafty amongst the flowers, creating a giant photo love heart frame to show off the pretty Valentines flowers. 


Needless to say the locals in Windsor were super impressed by our crafting skills and our ode to love, even though some were a little worse for wear after a hard night partying and wanting to take the love theme to the next level.  We politely declined.



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2 Responses to Valentine Lover

  1. Super cute! Great jobs ladies 🙂 xx

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